Turning Interest Into Action

Precious Angelic Light, Inc. was founded by Wanda Wallace back in July of 2009. Ms. Wallace was in a place where she grew tired of growing statistics of women and girls being homeless, under-served, misrepresented, single mother's raising children, domestic violence/Human Trafficking deaths that continue to rise everyday. Being a single mother herself she wanted to help empower other single mother's to continue to press through to success. Ms. Wallace continued to pray and ask God how can she help women and girls as well as affect change in her community. In May of 2009 in the misted of her prayer time God spoke to her giving the name of the organization, the vision, and the mission to Precious Angelic Light, Inc.



The Precious Angelic Light's vision is to encourage young girls to build their self-esteem, to increase student achievement and attendance and to effectively understand and quickly apply skills for everyday life. It is important to let the young girls know that whatever dream, vision or goal that they want to pursue with a passion can be fulfilled if they put their mind to make it happen.



Wanda Wallace grew up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. After working in the federal government for 39 years, she retired in 2013. In 2009, Wanda founded Precious Angelic Light, Inc., a non-profit organization. This was in response to her desire to help young girls build their self- esteem in order for them to prosper in every area of their lives. Wanda has expanded these services to include women who are homeless and abused. As a part of her services, she conducts mentoring sessions with women and girls. On July 2012, she graduated and received a certificate of completion in the Professional Substance Abuse Counseling Training Program for Addiction Counseling. Wanda began pursuing her Associates Degree in Addiction Counseling at Anne Arundel Community College. In 2015, Wanda became involved in Domestic Violence. She has been trained and volunteers to assist women and young girls transition through the system, so they can get the help needed to make it to safety. As of 2016, she has been volunteering at the Family Justice Center in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, to help women and men who have experienced or been involved in Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse. She also participates on the Victims Services Group of the Human Trafficking Taskforce and Rays of Hope Grief Center in Suitland, Maryland



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