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Your Beautiful Beyond Measure A Precious Stone
Is a mentoring program for women and girls ages 5 and up
We cover many areas such as:
Self Esteem
Life Application
Spiritual Development
Anger Management
Self Care
Single Parenting
Grief  Support
Food Pantry/Distribution
We are currently partnered with Panera and many different food pantry in DC, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania

We serve the homeless and homeless veterans through donation we received like blankets, socks, clothes, food, and much more. 
Our victim services program helps all victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, and crime victims. Through our partners  we refer our clients to manys different safe housing, shelters, rehabilitation programs much more. We host domestic violence safe place conversations/ talk sessions, mentoring, spiritual counseling, temporary safe housing based on the donation we receive from our sponsors and partners.

Office Hours


9:30 am
10:00 pm

Saturday- Sunday

11:00 am
5:00 pm
Appointments Only


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